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5 Ways The Full Moon Influences You

Throughout history, the Full Moon has intrigued humanity and provoked curiosity about its mysterious influence on our emotions and behaviors.

Empathy and the Full Moon

Empathy peaks during the Full Moon phase, and is believed to enhance human sensitivity and understanding. While empathetic tendencies vary across individuals and Moon phases, the Full Moon specifically seems to open people’s eyes to new perspectives, piercing through the veil of illusion.

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Intuition Across the Lunar Cycle

Intuition is a natural human trait, and its potency is believed to be influenced by the Moon’s phases. The Full Moon, known for clarity and heightened psychic ability, amplifies intuitive powers. Conversely, during the New Moon, intuition may feel dimmer but never extinguished. To harness and enhance intuitive energy, consider keeping crystals such as clear quartz, amethyst, or tiger’s eye close by.

Dreams and the Moon’s Phases

Moon cycles strongly influence dream remembrance and vividness. The New Moon often brings forgettable or vague dreams, attributed to weaker lunar energies. As the Moon waxes, dreams grow clearer and more memorable, culminating in intense, vivid dreams or nightmares during the Full Moon

To mitigate unsettling dreams, crystals like jade or amethyst can be placed under the pillow.

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The Full Moon and More Motivation

During the Full Moon, many individuals report a surge in motivation and energy. 

This period is often seen as a time of manifestation and realization, where the Full Moon seems to energize the mind and spirit. 

People may feel more driven to complete tasks, pursue creative ventures, or engage in physical activities. 

The fullness of the moon’s presence in the sky symbolizes a peak in potential, encouraging individuals to harness this energy to fulfill personal goals and aspirations.

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Emotional Intensity in the Full Moon

The Full Moon’s potent energy can heighten emotions, leading to anxiety, tension, or conflict. This period of clarity and intensity often brings underlying issues to the forefront, necessitating careful navigation and understanding.

Animal Behavior and the Full Moon

Not just humans, but animals too respond to the Moon’s phases. Pets may exhibit more erratic behavior during the Full Moon, while lions are known to alter their hunting habits, even attacking humans during the full moon.

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