About Me

Hi, I’m Desiree! I’m a blogger and creative entrepreneur who loves working with people just like you. Here’s my story.

About Me
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Thanks for your interest and desire to know my personal story.

First I’ll share with you my proudest accomplishments and then I’ll segway into the purpose of my work.

I acquired a B.A. in Sociology, Women’s Studies, and an A.A. in Business Management, before pursuing an M.S. in Clinical Counseling.

And you’d probably never guess it, but I’m also a proud Navy veteran who fought in OIF. (Operation Iraqi Freedom) Now that doesn’t mean I’m a gun-toting conservative. My political views are fairly neutral and I hang with many liberals.

I also take parenting seriously, (whatever that means.) I have two boys 12, and 13 who ground me. They remind me to not take myself or life too seriously.

Honoring motherhood has been an enlightening process as it reveals its awakenings of Love and Service beyond the Self. I am writing a book about it, btw.

And I guess I should put that in my free time, I love to write, watch Steeler Football, and explore mental concepts of all kinds. I think I make that obvious. 🙂

My work here is about offering my knowledge, life experience, and creative inspiration to those with open minds who desire awakening to a deeper knowledge of themselves.

I invite you to explore the blog and discover some amazing worksheets to get you started on knowing yourself!

Let’s Work Together!

Individuality is the bedrock of you’re being and power so it’s worthwhile to discover what makes you different. It’s through discovering your uniqueness that leads to better relationships, a fulfilling career, and most important Self-love!