Hey Reflector!A Guide About Your Type and Strategy

Hey Reflector!

As a reflector myself, I know how confusing life can seem at times and how annoying it is to change from day to day.

Have no worries! As you begin to learn about your design and how you operate you’ll find inner peace and embrace all that you are.

Ra Uru Hu, Founder & Messenger of Human Design System

“Reflectors stand alone. They are totally unique in their perspective, quietly unobtrusive in their auric presence, and extraordinary in their role.”

-The Definitive Book of Human Design the Science of Differentiation

Being a Lunar Being

Reflectors are about 1.4%, that’s approximately 60 million people on earth!

Have you ever wondered why you’re never consistent? Why one moment you can have the energy to initiate something and then a few hours later that energy is gone? That’s because we are lunar beings instead of solar beings like everyone else

We change according to the moon position which changes every 8-10 hours, and it takes about 28-29 days for the moon to do a full 360.
Think of it like this, one lunar cycle of 28.5 days is equivalent to one reflector day. This is why we are slow-moving individuals.

During its cycle, the moon will move every 8-10 hours. This means that every 8-10 hours a different gate is activated for you. So sometimes we have the potential to be Manifestors, Generators, or Projectors. We can be everyone! This is what gives us our ability to experience everyone and to see things from a larger perspective if we are aware of ourselves.

Reflectors must be aware of their changing nature and embrace the human experience. Being a reflector is a gift and yet a nuisance at times. Believe me, I know.

As Reflectors we are easily influenced and programmed by other people or systems, however, we also have the ability to see beyond the programming. The ability to become more aware of who we are and find the meaning of our existence usually happens when we consciously choose to decondition.

Primarily because modern society conditions everyone and there isn’t much guidance or awareness from adults on how to raise Reflector children.
We are different and we see the world as different.

Reflector Environment

However, seeing a larger perspective at times is only one aspect that makes us so unique. As a Reflector, it is important that you are aware of and comfortable with your surroundings. Not only your home but your community as well. You will reflect back everything you surround yourself with, so make sure your environment is perfectly designed for you.

The designs shared among all reflectors are the Aura Type, Strategy, Not Self Theme, and Inner Authority/Definition, or lack thereof.

Reflectors may have different profiles (there are 12) and incarnation cross (there are 192), and of course, all 64 gates (the numbers in the white squares and triangles) will be different from person to person.

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Strategy: Waiting A Lunar Cycle

We Reflectors are heavily influenced by the moon. It is strongly advised that we wait a lunar cycle before making a decision. This is because during a lunar cycle we will naturally experience every perspective of a decision.
If you are not already doing this, START TODAY!

I cannot stress enough how important this is. Your life will become so much easier to manage once you take the approach of waiting a month before deciding on anything. Examples: buying a house or moving, starting/stopping a relationship, buying a car, starting/ending a profession, seriously if you have the time to wait a month before making a decision for anything, do it.

In the words of Ra, Uru Hu, “Whoever leaves during this time was not meant to stay.”Be assertive with waiting a month!

So expect to feel doubtful, or change your mind a few times during this month of contemplation. It’s natural and okay. At the end of the lunar cycle expect great awareness of that decision or area of your life
Now this can be hard because we do live in a fast paced world, but always try.

Reflector Aura

The aura is the invisible energy field around our bodies that is said to be around 15 feet that expands in all directions.

However, as reflectors, we sample everyone’s auras (consciously and unconsciously) without becoming too attached, although attachment does happen. When attachment happens we get programmed. This formula for attachment and programming applies to anyone with an open center in their chart. As reflectors, we are wide open, so we need to evaluate all centers during deprogramming.


Sampling- It’s our natural ability to discern auras and energy fields.
This means we pick up and plug into other people’s auras naturally and feel them out. This goes beyond just being an “empath.” We are natural visionaries, psychics, gurus, seers, mystics, healers, etc., but we are only effective if we are conscious enough of our own aura and human design, and can accurately discern the aura of others.

This is why it is crucial for all Reflectors to know themselves and listen to those gut intuitive instincts.

Because Reflectors are open, it is super easy for us to get programmed into societal thinking. As a matter of fact, it might even be more emotional and challenging for reflectors to deprogram because we have felt and feel everything.

It may be easy to hang on too tightly to an attached belief, especially if those beliefs show some form of consistency. But understand that everything is constantly changing, especially ourselves.

Having No Definition

As a Reflector, we know that all of our centers in our Human Design chart are wide open.

Picture is from JovianArchive.com

Centers are considered to be life forces and when they are defined consistently in others, this provides them with a grounded sense of who they are and how they operate. For example, someone with a defined center cannot be conditioned in that area because they are already defined. They are defined and set in their perspective in that area. That’s just their design.

Keep in mind that no design is better than another. The terms good and bad are illusionary concepts of this world. It’s just another program.
It is true that we do not have a lot of consistent physical energy because our G centers are undefined. Yes, we do get burned out very easily. It is exhausting to constantly change, especially if you don’t get the downtime to recharge. We are undefined in this area so we cannot easily draw upon physical energy at our will.

So when you hear “non-energy” or “no consistent life force”, it can be understood in a physical sense rather than thinking you don’t have a soul or something.

PSA: 📢 The term “energy is widely used to explain many concepts in the spiritual community. Be mindful and aware of the context of how the term energy is being used. (Fake ass gurus out here, 😂)

There are practical ways to increase energy such as caffeine (in moderation), natural raw fruits and veggies, and exercise. Although you will still feel the demand of the wonderful and ever-changing moon. So if you’re like me, you could have 3 cups of coffee and still not be motivated to move on certain days.

Also, keep in mind that It is extremely important for you to get your rest and if possible don’t sleep in other people’s auras if possible. I know it’s tough if you don’t live alone, but give it a try and see if you wake up more refreshed.

A Reflector’s identity can be seen when the lunar cycles are taken into account. During the lunar cycle, it is easy to become lost or feel like you do not have an identity. Yes, we change a lot, and without being aware of who we are, we become lost and confused. We also do not have a fixed center to draw energy from. However, there is still an inherent essence of who we are that we can tap into at times.

Signature/Not-Self Theme: Surprise/Disappointment:

As Reflectors, we yearn to find authenticity in people, places, and things. But finding authenticity is so rare in modern society that we become disappointed when we don’t find it and surprised when we do. The people of this world just blindly go where they’re told without questioning anything!

Seeing people behave this way can be disappointing to us. We don’t want to live amongst people who can’t think for themselves or dare to be original! No! We reflectors know that humans have the capacity to be amazing if they would just wake up a little.

Bonus Tips

✔ 1. If you’re not comfortable in your environment change locations or rearrange the furniture. Find a place that feels good to you, so you can operate at your best.
✔ 2. Limit your work hours, even when you don’t feel tired. Exhaustion creeps out of nowhere and you’ll need more downtime than other types to recharge.
✔ 3. Track your mood/interests in 28-day cycles, and look for patterns when you feel your best. Using astrology to follow the moon in the 12 zodiac signs is a great start rather than tracking the moon moving in/out of a gate 64 times a month.
✔ 4. If you are an entrepreneur, automate your business as much as possible. This will help keep things consistent when you are not.
✔ 5. Spend time in nature daily, and create a space in your home that is ONLY for you!

Bonus Questions

  • Am I identifying with emotions that are not mine?
  • Am I giving myself the time I need to make decisions, or am I allowing the world to rush me?
  • Do I feel satisfied with where I am?

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