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A Lost Sheep Searching For Self-Realization | Fable Story

On August 10th, 2021 I woke up with a burning inspiration to write. I said yes to that mystical force and wrote a short fable story (for adults) packed with wisdom and meaning. To my surprise, 7 days later a YouTube video emerged.

This story and video are my personal reminders to ALWAYS say yes to spontaneous creation… Not for the product, but for the process.

I’m delighted to share with you a short moral story that is packed with wisdom, surprise, and disappointment.

What Is A Fable Story

A fable is a short, fictional story that uses animals, plants, or even objects as characters to teach a moral lesson. They often have simple plots and clear-cut conflicts, making the lesson easy to understand.

What This Fable Story is About (Synopsis)

This short fable story is about a sheep who feels lost and begins to question himself. He is disappointed after putting in so much work to meet “The Enlightened One”. As the sheep goes back home, to his surprise he runs into an unlikely ally who imparts life-altering wisdom.

What is Self Realization

Self-realization, or self-actualization is becoming aware of who you are. It is often associated with philosophy, psychology, or spirituality and can have many benefits, however, only 1% of people actually reach self-realization.

Western Perspective on Self-Realization

  • Fulfilling your potential: It’s about discovering and living in accordance with your unique talents, strengths, desires, and purpose. This may involve pursuing meaningful goals, cultivating personal growth, and expressing your authentic self.
  • Self-actualization: This psychological term, rooted in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, refers to the highest level of human motivation, where individuals strive to become the best versions of themselves. You can read more about Maslow’s Theory on Personality and Motivation for free in his book available on Amazon.
Maslow's hierarchy of needs of self actualization. the path of self realization, desiree clemons fable story

Eastern Perspective On Self-realization

  • Understanding your true self: This goes beyond the ego and personality to recognize a deeper essence or consciousness that connects you to something greater. It often involves spiritual practices like meditation or contemplation.
  • Liberation from suffering: By transcending desires and attachments, self-realization can bring inner peace and freedom from suffering. You can read more on Yoganada here.
self actualization and self realization according to eastern perspective and yogananda

My Interpretation of Self-Realization

Self-realization is a journey, not a destination. See, self-realization is a lifelong process of exploration and discovery and there is no single “right” or “wrong” way to achieve it.

I believe that every individual is unique, therefore your path to self-realization will also be unique. Your path to self-realization will be shaped by your own experiences, beliefs, and values.

Remember self-actualization is about growth and expansion. It involves moving beyond limitations and embracing your full potential.

Youtube Video

Enjoy my video rendition of this short fable story. Dont forget to read the original story below and the prologue that reveals the hidden meaning and wisdom in this story.

A Lost Sheep Searching For Self Realization | Short Fable Story

A Desiree Clemons Production

Chapter 1: The Start of Self – Realization

“In the middle of the herd, a phenomenon occurs. An ordinary sheep that looks just like the others begins to perch its ears, lift its head, and says to itself. “Who am I?

The sheep believes that such a profound question must have a profound answer and then decides to embark on a journey to find the most enlightened Master. 

The sheep decides to climb to the top of the mountain in search of the one who sits adorned in the most beautiful temple. 

Eventually, the sheep reaches the top, Tired and worn but proud of its own effort.

The sheep wastes no time and walks up to the enlightened master and asks  “Who am I?” 

The Enlightened Master amused at the sight of the sheep, proudly responds “No Thing.”

NO THING!?” shouted The sheep.

Immediately self-doubt begins to set in and thoughts begin to ruminate. “What a waste of a trip. Am I meant to just be like the others and live an ordinary mundane life? “Should I even try to discover myself if I am no thing, a mere illusion, a construct of imaginary beliefs? These are all the anxious thoughts the sheep began to have.

Feeling defeated and more confused than before, the sheep begins its descent back into the herd.

Chapter 2: Disappointment to Surprise

During the sheep’s descent down the mountain, A disheveled looking goat emerges from the bushes and asks “Where are you headed?” 

The sheep sighs and replies, “Back home to live a life of no meaning. It is my destiny.”

Bursting in laughter, the goat says “Destiny?! You must have been to the top of the mountain to see that teacher in the temple.”

How did you know that?” cried the sheep.

Only a fool could give such advice to make you think your life isn’t extraordinary enough to live beyond the basic herd of existence.” said the dirty disheveled goat.

And, so what? It’s my life!” Smirked the sheep. 

The goat pauses and responds with curiosity “So You came up here seeking answers then, huh?

Yeah, I guess. But it was a mistake.” uttered the sheep.

Probing deeper into the sheep’s motivation to self-actualize the goat responds”Hmmm, a mistake you say? Maybe the mistake was believing you didn’t have an answer?

But I don’t have any answers. I am lost! I am confused and I don’t want to blend in with the herd anymore, but I feel like I don’t have a choice. Cries the sheep. Being part of a herd is my destiny.” 

The goat annoyed at the sheep’s consistent desire to give up responds “Oy, again with the destiny stuff. Are you trying to make me sick?

So what am I to do then? Where am I to go to get the answers? Who can help me?” asks the sheep.

The goat pauses to think and shortly responds, 

Have you ever just stopped and stared at the stars in all their glory and wonder? Or witnessed the mother bird searching for food to feed her young, or watched the magic of a seed changing its entire form to only then create more seeds of itself?” 

Rolling its eyes sarcastically, the sheep says,” Yeah, Soooooo poetic, and I thought I was the lost one.”

Feeling unmotivated once again, the sheep plops down to sit in the mud.

The mountain goat immediately follows suit and plops right down in the mud and continues to say,

We’re all lost in our own right. Searching for meaning in a world too big for comprehension. Seeking out counsel from others who appear to have it all or know it all. But have you ever asked yourself why are you elevating the Master’s perspective? You know To be a follower is to follow,  to follow is to seek

And don’t feel discouraged if you are unable to see that. As you said, Maybe destiny will lead you there. Maybe you will create your own destiny. Maybe nothing matters or maybe it all matters.

See to realize you are No thing equates to the realization you are everything!

If the most enlightened Master is unwilling to meet you in the mud then you are indeed correct. You are a lost sheep.”


The sheep begins to realize that he is in charge of his own destiny and can create his own meaning in life. He realizes that he is part of everything where endless possibilities exist. The sheep doesn’t have to seek someone who is perceived as more enlightened to gain wisdom into himself, he can discover it himself.

Final Note of Wisdom

Although teachers and guides are helpful in the pursuit of self-actualization, it’s important to remember that true insight of who you are comes from within. The pursuit of self-actualization is an empowering journey of self-discovery where you become a master of yourself, not a master of others.

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