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The Throat Center in Human Design: Meaning, Definition, & Not-Self Talk

What Are Centers (Chakras) in Human Design?

human design the 9 centers and their meaning. The root center, sacral center, splenic center, heart center, solar plexus center, g center, throat center, head center Anja center
The 9 Centers (Chakras)

If you’re like me, you came across Human Design and were surprised to see that there are 9 Centers, (aka chakras) instead of the usual 7 that other spiritual teachings show.

The reason why Human Design uses 9 Chakras instead of 7 is because of a mutation in our Humanness that occurred in 1781 when the planet Uranus was discovered. ( Fun fact, another Mutation is coming in 2027, and there’s a sleuth of information on this… it’s expensive though. 😒 )

Centers in Human Design

Every Center in Human Design is directly connected to our biological and genetic makeup. This means that each center consists of an energetic flow in an esoteric sense, and each center also explains our biological human forms.

Now I’m not going to go into the scientific depth of how each center is directly connected to your body and system in it. For all that this is the Book.

Rather I am going to give you the basics of each center and some examples of Not-Self Questions that are directly derived from The Definitive Book of Human Design.

Also, each Center will be featured in a separate article for easier navigation. 😁

Defined Centers (Fixed)

If you look in your Body Graph, you may notice that some of these centers are colored in and there are some that are white. The Centers that are defined, (colored in) means that you have consistent energy flowing through this Center. This is an energy that you can draw upon at any time and the centers that are defined are what determines your Type.

ra uru hu founder and messengers bogy graph chart
Ra Uru Hu, Manifestor

Read: Human Design the 4 Types for more info on your type. 

When you have a center defined, this means that you cannot be conditioned in this area. That means you cannot be influenced to think, behave, or be anything other than what you’re designed to be. It’s an inner knowing that you can distinguish between yourself and the other, and not let the other influence you. 

Undefined Centers (Open)

Now, if a Center is white. This means it is open. It is not empty or void of energy, it just means it is open.

When you have a Center that is white, this means that energy flow is NOT consistent and that you are able to be conditioned by others. The “other” can be defined as your upbringing, a book or teaching you were exposed to, an experience that happened, etc. 

Seeing a White Center in your chart means that the energy flow in this area may become active during planetary transits or when you are within 15 ft of someone, it all depends on your hanging gates & the other person’s Design. 

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: If you have an open center, and you’re next to someone with a defined center, this means you take in the other person’s energy and then amplify it. Think in terms of emotions, fears, expressions, thinking, etc. 

Are you able to see how it is through the white centers that the conditioning process happens? (Remember, conditioning is neutral)

This process of unconsciously taking in other people’s energy creates a high potential to be conditioned into thinking or behaving in ways that are not your own.

It is through this conditioning process that creates false versions of yourself. This false version of you is referred to as the Not-Self in Human Design.

The Not-Self is the state most people live in because the awareness of our own unique Personality & Design is still evolving. 

However, it is also the white centers that can lead to a higher state of Awareness of ourselves and the environment. 

Throat Center  

Surprise Surprise! The Throat Center is all associated with our communication and the verbal expression of ourselves and our ability to communicate prior to taking action (manifestation).

Biological and Energy Association

The Throat Center is biologically associated with our thyroid gland and the parathyroid glands.

The thyroid glands oversee the body’s metabolic process, the intake of food, and the digestion of food. Whether we are considered skinny or fat, or how fast or slow our metabolism is, is associated with the thyroid glands and Throat Center.

All energy from the other centers is driven toward the Throat for the purpose of expression.   No wonder the Throat Center has the most gates and Ra says this center is most complex.

The primary function of the energy flowing in the Throat Center is for manifestation through communication. It is here where we are able to voice what we are thinking and who we are. It is through communication that we learn and contribute to a greater purpose.

The secondary function is to manifest as action. This is what makes Manifesting Generators so unique. A constant or temporary energy definition in this center allows a person to bring a vision to completion.

Gates of the Throat Center

Up-close picture of the Throat Center and What each gate in the throat center is.

Each Gate in the Throat Center has a self related themes and a brief explanation of what it means.

Gate 26 – The Gate of DetailSelf Theme of this Gate– I think or not. Communicating the facts and details.

Gate 23 – The Gate of AssimilationSelf Theme of this Gate – I know or not. Communicating individual insights.

Gate 56 – The Gate of StimulationSelf Theme of this Gate – I believe or not. The stimulating storyteller.

Gate 16 – The Gate of SkillsSelf Theme of this Gate – I experience or identify or not. Ability to skillfully master something.

Gate 20 – The Gate of the NowSelf Theme of this Gate – I am now or not. Instantaneous mental clarity or physical action.

Gate 31 – The Gate of InfluenceSelf Theme of this Gate – I lead or not. The influential elected leader. 

Gate 8 – The Gate of Contribution Self Theme of this Gate – I can make a contribution or not. Having a unique expression.

Gate 33 – The Gate of PrivacySelf Theme of this Gate – I remember or not. Sharing lessons of the past.

Gate 35 – The Gate of Change Self Theme of this Gate – I experience/feel or not. Gaining progress through experience. 

Gate 12 – The Gate of Caution Self Theme of this Gate – I know I can try or not. Being socially cautious. 

Gate 45 – The Gate of the Gatherer Self Themer of this Gate – I have or not. The king/queen leading through education.

Defined Throat Center

Example of what a defined throat center and undefined throat center looks like.

About 72% of the population has a Defined Throat Center. Having a defined throat center means that you can express and act directly from six different centers. (Ajna, Solar Plexus, G, Heart, Sacral, and Spleen Center.) 

You have the ability to speak constantly and ultimately know when to speak and when not to speak. Your expression is also consistent and people know what to expect from you when they are interacting with you.

Throat connected to Heart center speaks from the “I” as in “I want that, I have that, I will do that.”

Throat connected to the Ajna speaks what the mind is thinking and conceptualizing.

Throat connected to the Solar Plexus speaks or acts on emotions or feelings.

Throat connected to the Spleen speaks or acts spontaneously in the intuitive knowing in the moment. 

Throat connected to the Sacral speaks on the responsive sounds of the Sacral. 

Throat connected to the G speaks from personal identity and direction from the Higher Self. 

Undefined Throat Center

If you have an Undefined Throat Center means that your communication and expression vary. As you experience and amplify the energies of others, you may notice that your Not-Self may jump at the opportunity to speak for the purpose of attracting attention.

Having this center open means you are able to mimic and pick up on other people’s language and tone. There is wisdom that lies in every open center, and here that wisdom is recognizing who is speaking or acting from their truth or not. 

The open Throat Center naturally attracts attention so when in groups waiting to speak until asked will prevent you from talking too much which can lead to the unpredictability of your words and therefore might not be received well from others. 

Completely Open Throat Center

Having a completely open throat center means you possess the qualities of an Undefined, However, a completely open Throat Center is very rare. You may experience moments where you do not know what to say or what action you should take. You may have learned to talk at a slower pace than others. However, you are encouraged to speak at the rate you feel comfortable with. 

Once you are comfortable with flexibility and unpredictability in your speaking and live according to your Types Authority or Strategy, you’ll have the potential to gain a tremendous amount of wisdom. You’ll know who articulates well and who is speaking from authenticity.

Undefined Throat Center Not Self Talk

  • Am I trying to attract attention?
  • Is anyone noticing me?                                        
  • If I say this will I be noticed?
  • What or will I become in life?
  • I better manifest something.


  1. Practice being mindful of what you say and mean what you say. Instead of just speaking to fill empty space. 
  2. Listen to your own inner voice and practice becoming aware of your voice within. This will help you know if the expressive pressure you’re feeling is yours or someone else’s.
  3. Wait for invitations to speak
  4. Use strategy and authority to guide your conversation


Enjoy a short lecture by Ra Uru Hu, on Seeking Outward and Seeking Inward.

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